A bookstore

I love books and love to read. I actually surround myself with books around me.  When I was a teenager and in my twenty’s I would carry around in my purse.  Now that technology has came in my life,  I keep  in my phones.

Anywhere I see a novel I buy.  I purchase on my kindle and keep for safe keeping.  Read if the book captures my eyes.  I stick with and support the author, if not,  I want even look at the book again.

I purchased a domain,  and a website today. This is a good  start,  now where do I go with the idea.

A online bookstore hopefully in the near future. Hopefully I will be able to share with world great novels and author’s.

Stay tuned!

Reading to me is therapeutic, it soothes my mind. I have a Facebook with books everywhere an author here and there.

Coming from the mind of a introvert I assume.

Get prepared because one day I will be writing my books and having an online bookstore. These things just takes time in the end.

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Autism a mothers tears

At times I just Dont want to face reality. I have a child who is disabled and has autism. I know you have heard that word before autism.

My son is 10 years old was born with a heart condition Di George syndrome.

I never knew how the world would perceive my son. It broke my heart when he was first born fighting for his life. I never knew how a child could break your heart I learned that cold chilling day.

My son made it and I just didn’t want to let him go he spent four to six months in the hospital. I just wanted to be close to him that’s all.

I grew overprotected and soon locked everyone out my life that’s all I knew how.

My son is a blessing don’t get me wrong at times I want to give up and don’t even want to fight.

The world perceives a child with autism is something I never knew I would endure. Ever in my life but having a child with special needs I see that now and it is a shame.

I don’t have shame because he is not shame at all.

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Have you ever looked at a person and wonder Wow! How would it feel to be with that person. I have I guess it happened twice in my lifetime one with a guy in my hometown and another person same sex in another town.

The friendship was all innocent to me but one day. I was just looking at something on their website and got kind of curious!

I felt foolish so I ran way played it off this is a friend! How dare I have these kinds of feelings for them.

This person holds strength to me feminism but strength.

I ruined a relationship because I couldn’t handle my feelings for this person.

Curious to know who they really are, curious to know who are they and how fun it would be to be with them.

Curious to know how they sound and just how good they would be to be around.

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Gay/lesbian marriages

I honestly think it is a good thing that they are allowing gay/lesbian marriages. People can’t help who they truly are. You have to be true to yourself I think so. I Dont think there is anything wrong with two people who love each other to be together. Something I have struggled with my whole life. I hate when people tell me oh Keandra your not gay. Says who? I feel that I have been living a lie to make everyone happy. In the end I’m not happy at all. A man doesn’t make me happy at all. Stay true to who you are! I am and glad about the laws of gay marriages! Unity and pride! 

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You ever wonder how you can live a lie. I have been working on my writing poems and writing short stories. Now to put it on paper and stamp it. This is a journey of finding my writing ability and becoming true to my sexuality.

The “F-Word”: Why Social Politeness is Transparent

Quiet As It's Kept

fat girls

(Left to Right: Alyson Hannigan [Date Movie, 2006], Philomena Kwao, Essie Golden, Tess Holliday)

For the typical size 18 girl like myself, the summer months bring along the ever complicated dilemma: wear longer clothes that cover up “problem areas” but threaten to cause heat stroke, or throw caution to the wind and go for the shorts and tank top that show every jiggle and bump. Up until my senior year of high school, skirts and shorts were out of the question. The last thing I wanted was for everyone to see the bits of me that made me the most insecure about myself. It was a question of comfort. At least clothes left everything to the imagination; I would rather burn under the summer sun to please others than show everyone my chubby arms and legs.

And that’s when it hit me. It’s not like my body was a secret…

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Hello world!

This blog is to discover and conquer my writing ability. Let’s just say a journey into discovering who i truly am! I am amazing and i am unique in my own way. This is my first blog post and will be blogging more often and regularly. This is also a journey into my sexuality. I fell in love with a her once and I let that her go. Now i just write stories and poems. I have not written on paper yet just in notes, soon i will be with this blogging site. ☺