Getting off Depo Provera! Life After

I was on Depo for only three months and the damage it caused. Let me tell you in the past I nevered really went through the side effects as I did in 2013!
I went from 140 to almost 200 pounds! I am still fighting the after effects of the Depo Provera. I promise you if I would have known better I have not would have got on this shot.

Sometimes I feel like crying and hiding when I look at my body. I bloat all the time. I work out and try eating healthy as much as I can. Still doesn’t work, Depo is a poison something women really need to be aware and educated on.

I have lost weight and all but still not good enough I just want my body back. I feel better than what I use to feel Dont get me wrong but still. I can get better much better.

I survived Depo Provera but I am still fighting the side effects out my system!

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