Autism a mothers tears

At times I just Dont want to face reality. I have a child who is disabled and has autism. I know you have heard that word before autism.

My son is 10 years old was born with a heart condition Di George syndrome.

I never knew how the world would perceive my son. It broke my heart when he was first born fighting for his life. I never knew how a child could break your heart I learned that cold chilling day.

My son made it and I just didn’t want to let him go he spent four to six months in the hospital. I just wanted to be close to him that’s all.

I grew overprotected and soon locked everyone out my life that’s all I knew how.

My son is a blessing don’t get me wrong at times I want to give up and don’t even want to fight.

The world perceives a child with autism is something I never knew I would endure. Ever in my life but having a child with special needs I see that now and it is a shame.

I don’t have shame because he is not shame at all.

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