A bookstore

I love books and love to read. I actually surround myself with books around me.  When I was a teenager and in my twenty’s I would carry around in my purse.  Now that technology has came in my life,  I keep  in my phones.

Anywhere I see a novel I buy.  I purchase on my kindle and keep for safe keeping.  Read if the book captures my eyes.  I stick with and support the author, if not,  I want even look at the book again.

I purchased a domain,  and a website today. This is a good  start,  now where do I go with the idea.

A online bookstore hopefully in the near future. Hopefully I will be able to share with world great novels and author’s.

Stay tuned!

Reading to me is therapeutic, it soothes my mind. I have a Facebook with books everywhere an author here and there.

Coming from the mind of a introvert I assume.

Get prepared because one day I will be writing my books and having an online bookstore. These things just takes time in the end.

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